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[ox-en] 4th Oekonux conference - now really

Hi Oekonuxis!

As I recently wrote the opportunities for the 4th Oekonux conference
probably never were better then at the moment. And frankly: It's about
time for it ;-) .

So by this mail I'd like to give the starting shot for the preparation
of this 4th Oekonux conference.

So far the Oekonux conferences had no real cooperation partners. This
time I'm proud to say that there will be a cooperation with Michel
Bauwens' P2P Foundation. I already contacted Michel on this in
Nottingham and by mail and I'm looking forward to a great cooperation.

I'm also glad that because of Yuwei's continuing support for Oekonux
we have someone who is ready to host the conference in her city:
Manchester. I think this requires an extra applause for Yuwei :-) .

I also talked a bit about a good date. The result is that we should
find a date somewhere in the beginning of 2009. One reason is that we
need about a year for proper preparation. The other reason is that the
budgets of possible sponsors are probably long closed for 2008.

The organization of the conferences so far mainly took place on [pox]
which I still consider a good arrangement to not burden the discussion
lists with organizational details. Also in the past I used the
Oekonux Wiki to create some pages for the 4th conference. See

As the Wiki is editable by anyone who has an account (use
"freesoftware" as the account creation password in case you want to
create one) feel free to add things there. Especially

and also

are interesting.

While the organizational stuff goes to [pox] I think the content
related topics can and should be a topic for [ox-en] also. I'll send a
mail about one such topic in a few minutes.

I'm looking forward to a great conference in 2009 :-) .



Contact: projekt

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