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Re: [ox-en] 4th Oekonux conference - now really

On 2007-12-11 21:42, Stefan Merten wrote:
As I recently wrote the opportunities for the 4th Oekonux conference
probably never were better then at the moment. And frankly: It's
about time for it ;-) .

Yes, thank you for the initiative!

So far the Oekonux conferences had no real cooperation partners. This
time I'm proud to say that there will be a cooperation with Michel
Bauwens' P2P Foundation. I already contacted Michel on this in
Nottingham and by mail and I'm looking forward to a great

Good news!

I'm also glad that because of Yuwei's continuing support for Oekonux
we have someone who is ready to host the conference in her city:
Manchester. I think this requires an extra applause for Yuwei :-) .

Great, Yuwei!


Start here:
Contact: projekt

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