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Re: [ox-en] Motto for the 4th conference

see comments below

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From: Stefan Meretz <stefan.meretz>
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Sent: Tuesday, January 1, 2008 10:09:32 PM
Subject: Re: [ox-en] Motto for the 4th conference

Hi StefanMn and list,

On 2007-12-20 19:50, Stefan Merten wrote:
"Beyond" seems to be a nice term. In "Peer production and Beyond" it
seems to me as if peer production is already well established and
it's time to make a conference at least partly for the "beyond". Are
we already there?

IMHO the term peer production describes the "beyond". Thus "pp and 
beyond" does not make so much sense to me. Or what do you mean 
with "beyond"? Do I miss the point?

I don't think, that peer production is already well established,

conference could be one step in doing so.

depends on what you call 'well-established' ... in the immaterial field, with linux and free software being the basis of one of the most important infrastructures, with wikipedia, and the billions of peer produced pages findable through google, I would call that pretty good already

of course, not in the material field, but in my interpretation, non-reciprocal peer production is by definition impossible in physical production, except for the open design phase

Problem with the term "peer production" is also that it focusses very
much on production. It might make more sense to generalize this more
for instance to include the topic of governance.

That's right from the viewpoint of a "production" being separated from 
the rest of social life as we face it in ordinary capitalism. However, 
one step to a free society is to re-embed production in this old

sense into society leading to a picture, where living _is_ producing 
life and living conditions at the same time. In this wide sense 
production includes governance, for instance.

Is this idea the same what Michel means with "peer production as a


I meant it in the sense of that is what people increasingly do with aspects of their life, creating social, rather than state or profit-based means for achieving goals and desires, not necessarity linked to conscious political design

In short: I like that focus:-)

What to you think of

             The World of Peer X

               Free Software and Beyond

Would open up peer production to peer X and would also mention the
root of Free Software so people can have an idea of what the X is

This focusses much on "peer" like "peer everything". but "peer" itself 
is nothing, even not the solution of everything.


P.S. Happy new year:-)

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