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[ox-en] 4th Oekonux Conference at stake

Hi Oekonuxis,

yesterday we received the disappointing news that our application for
a big grant has been rejected. We had hoped that this grant would be
the backbone of the conference budget. Now we know this won't be the
case and we are now in an emergency situation.

After one year of hard work to make this conference happen, after we
invited about 30 speakers_, we have to face the option that it will
not work out because of lack of money. This would be a pity for
Oekonux and the P2P Foundation of course.

But IMHO it would also be a pity for the world as a whole. The past
Oekonux Conferences brought together bright and interesting people.
They always were a place where you could gain new insights and learn
about new and interesting facts and perspectives as well as inspiring
others by your thoughts.

Once more we were able to invite interesting people with topics
ranging from details about the Free Software community over the
OpenAccess movement, Free Music to Free Material Design. Contributions
based on empirical studies are there as well as theory contributions
from many spectrums including a philosophical contribution. I really
think it would be a loss if this wonderful option to create yet
another focal point in this ongoing movement would not take place.

However, we did not give up yet. There are still some options which
could work and in sum make the conference possible - though today it
is clear that we have to cut the budget somewhere. In any case from
now on we need any help we can get - and at the moment most of all
this means financial help.

So if you ever thought about donating money to Oekonux or the P2P
Foundation *now* would be the right time to help making the conference
possible. If you never thought about such a step you may want to think

In case you are ready to donate some amount please drop me a line or
just reply to this message in public giving others an example. I'm
ready to make the first step and hereby declare that I'm ready to
donate 300EUR in addition to waiving the remuneration of my travel and
accomodation costs as a speaker. It would be great if you could join
this initiative and help making this great thing a reality.

.. _speakers:


Contact: projekt

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