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[ox-en] Fairness + Decentralisation

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Stefan Merten wrote:
Hi Raoul and all!

4 minutes ago Stefan Merten wrote:
3. Another possible solution

As far as there is still not a sufficient ampleness of goods and
capacities of production in order to allow free and unlimited
distribution, how to restrict the consumption to the prevailing
possibilities of production? If we abandon the wage principle: "*to
each according to the value of his labor force*"; if we refuse the
principle: "*to each according to his work*", what principle to use?

I agree that this is the question.
What about "from each according to his wish"?... More equitable rules tend to be invidious. If people generally wish things to be fair, this principle might in practice be relatively equitable.

...To make an example: I think we all know situations when we are torn
between two options we would love to take but they exclude each other
for instance because you can't take them both at the same time. I for
one more often than not have a hard time to decide in such situations.
If you project this difficulty in my own mind to a societal mechanism
I think it gets even more complicated.
Life is full of hard choices, which I don't want a system to make for me. What I would like from an accounting system is some insight into how my choices would affect people.
The question is whether abuses are possible at all. They are clearly
possible if you can abuse the system to get more than you actually
need and then have the ability to sell some way. This would open the
door for black markets again.

As a consequence you could forbid trade by non-authorized persons
If it were possible for some people to forbid other people's use of a system, that assumes variable privileges. It seems to me that such a system would be vulnerable to failure/control of a small group (superusers/central bankers). I am still more attracted to a decentralised design which gave everyone equal access.


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