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[ox-en] Helping the conference

Hi Oekonuxi!

You received the invitation for the conference. Now I'd like to ask
you for help. There are two possible ways.

If you come to the conference

If you feel attracted by the conference program evolving at

and plan coming to the conference (please do not forget to register!)
then you can help during the conference. During the conference there
are two main areas you can help:

* Helping a presentation

  This means that you introduce the contributor, help with technical
  details and if necessary help the discussion by moderating it.

  Because we will have a number of English presentations helpers here
  do not need to speak German.

* Helping the conference bureau

  The conference bureau will be the place where all the time someone
  is available for all kinds of problems. Also the people attending
  the conference shall register at the conference bureau when they
  arrive (one of our sponsor wants a list of participants). Therefore
  especially in the beginning we need some more people who feel
  responsible for this task.

There are probably some more tasks like helping the food supply or
moving things around. However, these things usually work without much
preparation by asking innocent by-standers ;-) . The tasks above,
however, need a bit of preperation and commitment.

Of course we will try to respect your wishes regarding times you are
ready to help as much as possible. At the same time we try to maintain
smooth operation of the mentioned tasks so the invited contributors as
well as the other contributors (aka guests) feel welcome and cared for
all the time. Therefore we are going to organize these tasks on the
special helper mailing list

where Holger will maintain all the information to set up time tables
showing who is responsible for what at which time. This way nobody
will feel forced to stay at the conference bureau just because there
is nobody there who could replace him / her.

If you feel that you want to help the project this way please
subscribe to the mailing list named above. The list is exclusively for
this purpose so traffic can be expected to be maximum on topic.

If you do not come to the conference

If you do not come to the conference - please note that you'll miss
something then ;-) - there is nonetheless an option to help the
conference. Unfortunately as of now we are not in a state where our
attempts to raise funds were as successful as we had hoped. There are
still some requests for funding pending but at the moment this is not

Thus you can help the conference by donating money. Please see

for how to donate money to the registered association Projekt Oekonux
e.V. This is the formal counterpart of the virtual project (and only
used for such official needs). Also Projekt Oekonux e.V. is formally
the organizer of the conference.

Please do *not* mention the conference on a bank transfer because
otherwise we are bound by association law to use it for this
conference. "Donation" or similar are perfect reasons for transfer and
if we are lucky enough to receive external funding then we can use it
for a possible 4th conference or the costs of the infrastructure which
make this project possible at all. Any amount is useful.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


Organization: projekt

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