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[ox-en-raw] [pox] No more moderation of `list-en'

Hi all!

Shortly before the conference I switched moderation of the English
list virtually off (mail from subscribers was always approved).

A few minutes ago I removed the technical set up used for moderation
and changed the relevant web pages accordingly. Of course the archives
of the raw and work list will be kept for reference.

Also I changed the introduction text for `list-en' so it is the same
as for the German list. In particular I added the "Gepflogenheiten"
section so there are now some explicit conventions for this list.
Please check at

I also changed the introduction of both lists saying

* they are both central mailing lists of Project Oekonux

  Before the German one was described as "the central one" where as
  the English list was only "the central one for the English part".
  They are now considered equally central :-) .

* that there is another discussion list

  Before there where no explicit hint to the other list in the

These steps were long overdue.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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