Digitized Music between Pirate Copy and Societal Alternative

Stefan Merten <smerten@oekonux.deMail link>


This contribution has been the basis of an impulse talk given on the panel discussion copy kills (music kills) capitalismRemote link. The content of the slides as well as the additional notes are presented here.

This contribution may be discussed under http://www.opentheory.org/copykillsmusic_en/Remote link.

1. Background: Oekonux

1.1. Free Software as Germ Form

2. Free Software and Music

2.1. Selbstentfaltung in Music

2.2. Exploitation in Music

3. DRM, P2P, CC, CF

3.1. DRM (Digital Rights/Restriction Management)

3.2. P2P (Peer to Peer)

3.3. CC (CreativeCommons)

3.4. CF (Content Flatrate) / P2P tax

3.5. Critique of P2P tax (1/2)

3.6. Critique of P2P tax (2/2)

4. Alternative perspectives

4.1. Utopian Oekonux perspective

4.2. Realpolitik perspective

4.3. Reform of revolution