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Re: [jox] Mission statement

Hi all!

My comments about the mission statement.

6 days ago Mathieu O'Neil wrote:
What we could have below this short para. it is a list of possible themes that we would be interested to receive submissions on as such as:

- peer production and expertise
- peer production of hardware

Though this is probably a good idea in general it is IMHO not a part
of the mission statement. The mission statement should not change over
time whereas a list of topics can and may be even should change. What
we simply need is a place where to put this - may be the front page.

5 days ago Mathieu O'Neil wrote:
Since the sentence is very long we could also tweak the text by splitting it into two.
So we would have:

 "This journal is dedicated to the critical study of peer production, understood as a mode of commons-based, self-organized production in which participation is voluntary and predicated on the self-selection of tasks. Notable examples are the collaborative development of free software projects and the Wikipedia online encyclopedia. Through the analysis of the forms and operations of peer producing communities in contemporary capitalist society, the journal aims to open up new perspectives on the implications of peer production for social change."

Please capitalize "Free Software".

I have a minor problem with the term "self-organized" - isn't a
capitalist company also self-organized? I think the crucial point is
alienation again. But that's just for the record. I can even agree
with this term because it probably is most comprehensible.

May be we can improve on the formulation somewhat. If you start with
"This journal" then the "this" needs a point of reference. May be we
can start with "The journal 'Critical Studies in Peer Production'
is...". However, then we run into the problem that we repeat "critical
study of peer production" just a few words later. In fact a
formulation problem I already ran into during my first suggestion...

@Mathieu: You managed to reach a consensus on this delicate issue
quite quickly. Great :-) .



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