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Re: [jox] Mission statement

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hi christian, on your question please do put my name down

On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 5:27 PM, Christian Siefkes <christian>wrote:

Hi Mathieu, all,

Mathieu O'Neil wrote:
I think the mission statement is starting to look fine. My simplified
suggestion is:

"This journal is dedicated to the critical study of peer production,
understood as a mode of self-organized production in which participation is
voluntary and predicated on the self-selection of tasks, as for example
observed in the collaborative development of free software projects or of
the Wikipedia online encyclopedia. Through the analysis of the forms and
operations of peer producing communities in contemporary capitalist society,
the journal aims to to open up new perspectives on the implications of peer
production for social change."

I like the statement, but in the characteristization of peer production I
miss one essential thing: the commons. (Benkler, who coined the term, talks
about "commons-based peer production"
<>, and for good

The most simple way to fix this without increasing the length of the first
sentence (which is already very long) too much, would be to replace
"mode of self-organized production" by
"mode of commons-oriented, self-organized production".
(Or maybe "commons-based" instead of "commons-oriented.")

I  think it is essential to have a full list of the editorial committee's
names and "institutional affiliation" - it will be obvious that not everyone
is an academic, that's the specificity and interest of this project in my
view. We do need some clear commitments from people though.

 So far there is me, StefanMn, and StefanMz. So: George, Athina, Michel:
can we put your names as reviewers / scientific committee members? Anyone
else interested?

You can add me, too.

Best regards

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