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[jox] Re: Website

Hi all!

6 days ago Stefan Meretz wrote:
On 2009-07-17 06:37, Mathieu O'Neil wrote:
Alternatively the journal site could be just an archive. It might
also be good if the journal had its own address / url - better

Basically I like to organize all ox content in one system (reducing 
maintainance) referenced by subdomains, e.g.

Yes. We have complete freedom over third level domains. I.e. under the
Oekonux domains like "" we can install any "*"
we like.

Additionally, it is possible to have a single domain like 
(just an example, this domain is not available), which could be 
redirected to

Yes. Oekonux can buy another domain if this is necessary - that's no

Later on we should spend some thinking about defining formats and 
workflows, in order to keep the effort low to present the articles on the 

Yes. AFAICS Plone overs a lot of options here so we at least have the

I am waiting for feedback on my proposal presented on [pox] regarding 
Plone (mail not yet in archive). Please vote for a theme, which will be 
used for the journal, too!

BTW: A deadline for the voting would be good probably. (I voted
meanwhile and Mathieu seemingly, too.)



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