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Re: [jox] Draft CFP

Hi Mathieu: great work!

On 2009-07-26 11:16, Mathieu O'Neil wrote:
involved. For personal reasons I will not be able to start "full-time
editing" until September / October. In any case it is now the
northern summer and I get the impression that not everyone is around.

True for me for August and September.

BTW, StefanMz and StefanMn, I would much prefer it if the
address was http:cspp.ox.etc rather than http:csipp.ox.etc… "sipp"
does not sound great to me and it make me think of sipping a cup.:-( is fine

I'm not for a second saying that peer production does not have very
positive qualities (germ form for future society…). But I think that
cooptation exists and should not be ignored. In fact clarifying and
overcoming the tension between the cooptation of critique and peer
production's emancipatory potential is for me an important task of
the journal!

Agree! It should be one point in the topic list.

The question is, how do we present non-university based people? Do we
put the same term(s) for all of them – activist, practitioner – or
the name of their specific projects?

Some words about their main doing (e.g. work) and their projects. Like 
"software developer, maintainer of project xy"

For example, Michel is across both areas but is probably better-known
for P2PF so it seems natural to put him as P2PF?

Of course!

For StefanMn it would make sense to put [ox] but then below it might
say [ox] is the publisher – does that make him the publisher? Does
this create a confusion between distinct areas?

I don't think so, but you should put the specific role into it, for 
instance: "software engineer, founder of Oekonux project"
(which of course is up to StefanMn)

Topics of interest
include, but are not limited to:

-history of peer production
-peer production and expertise
-political economy of peer production
-critical theory and peer production
-forms and functions of peer production
-peer production and exchange
-peer production and social movements
-peer production as ideology in capitalism

What does this point ( ideology...) mean?

-governance in peer projects
-peer production of hardware

I would like to add:
- psychological aspects in peer production
- peer production and capitalist cooptation

Scientific Committee:
Michel B, P2P / University?
George D, University…
Athina K, University…
StefanMn, ox?
StefanMz, ox?

Not ox. But also difficult to put it into few words (being project manager 
in a union, analyzing political economy of peer prodution, blogging on

Christian S, ?
Graham S, ?

Don't want to use full names?
What about academic degrees?
Mention URLs of project sites?

CSPP is published by Oekonux. Oekonux is a non-profit organization
devoted to the theoretical and practical advancement of the "Linux
economy", or peer production.

Although Oekonux means "Economy and GNU/Linux" I would not like to name 
the subject "Linux economy". Simply peer production is sufficient.

[It was founded by Stefan Merten in
1999 and is based in Germany.]

Only the association is based in Germany, the project is a transnational 


Start here:


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