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Re: [jox] Draft CFP

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Hi Christian, all

I just saw an announce for a piece in an open access journal edited by Christian Fuchs, "3C" (I had seen this journal before but had forgotten about it). It has a different focus than our project but there are similarities too. At this stage I am mostly focussing on their production process:

They have both blind and open review and a few other interesting ideas (such as systematically getting authors to copy edit and format articles once they have been accepted). It's quite an extensive site but I thought it was worth a mention so everyone and particularly our website maintainers can get a sense of what is out there... 

I am going to try to merge the previous CFP I posted for the Journal for IT and Politics (JITP) and the one for 3C, with my original suggestion, to come up with a definitive working draft. I will post this here, and if there are no strong objections after a while I will start approaching additional people for the scientific committee / editorial team.


ps. @StefanMn, StefanMz: Last time I checked the archive for this list had the titles of posts but the posts themselves were not accessible. Will this only be resolved once the new site is up or is there a chance that this will happen sooner? I ask as I will be mentioning the list in my letter to prospective editorial team / scientific committee members.

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From: Christian Siefkes <christian>
Date: Sunday, August 2, 2009 7:46 pm
Subject: Re: [jox] Draft CFP
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Hi Mathieu, all,

Stefan Meretz wrote:
The question is, how do we present non-university based 
people? Do we
put the same term(s) for all of them – activist, practitioner 
– or
the name of their specific projects?

Some words about their main doing (e.g. work) and their 
projects. Like 
"software developer, maintainer of project xy"

For me you could write something like "Software developer and author, blog".

Best regards

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