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Re: [jox] article metrics

Hi Graham and all!

5 days ago graham wrote:
Interesting to see the range of metrics (though clearly this is post-,
not pre-publication)

While we are at it: Here are a few ideas for our metrics:

* Scientific vs. activist

* Quality of language

* To the point vs. wandering around

* Structured well vs. chaotic

* Empiric vs. theory

* New ideas / concepts vs. contribution to established thoughts

* Topic(s) of our assortment of topics the article belongs to

* Overall quality

These metrics can be split into editorial board assessment and
readers' assessment.

If a reader can define her perspective by creating an own report
defined on such metrics she could say: I'm interested in activist
articles describing real projects (i.e. empiric) regarding the topic
of expansion of peer production. I can live with bad language and
trust the assessment of the editorial board. Such a report would
probably rate the articles on fabbers high.

A more scientific oriented reader could create a report for
theoretical, well-structured, scientific articles in good language.

That way the readers can filter on their own choice and are not bound
to someone else's in/out decision.

Such a system could give also feedback to us in what our readers are
most interested.



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