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[jox] Final draft for reviewers

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Hi all

OK, I think we are at a stage where we can finally start approaching reviewers.
Please find final draft below:


Dear […]

I am delighted to approach you with some exciting news. After the fourth Oekonux conference in Manchester earlier this year (jointly organised with the P2P Foundation), a group of peer production and free software researchers, activists and practitioners decided that the question of whether peer production constitutes a valid and viable alternative to capitalism should be more widely discussed. As a result, we decided to create an online journal to examine this question, and I volunteered to act as editor. 

This journal, Critical Studies in Peer Production, promises to be a uniquely stimulating venture, not only because of its subject matter, but also because of the way it will be produced. General governance is conducted through an open decision-making process, via a mailing list where founding members have been discussing the journal's core principles. The archives can be consulted here (the Oekonux website is currently being revamped):

In addition, we were inspired by Whitworth and Friedman's suggestions in their recent First Monday papers for the establishment of a more open system of scientific peer reviewing. Please refer to the draft mission statement, submission guidelines and peer review process here: 
We will be providing feedback  to Brian Whitworth and his colleagues as we advance with the implementation of their suggestions.

This is why I am writing to you today: I believe that your unique expertise in the area of […] would enable you to contribute to this project, first as a member of our Scientific Committee and at a later date, if you wish to contribute more, as a member of our Governance Board. 

(The exact terminology has not been formally agree on yet but this is broadly what these roles entail:
* Governance board members are responsible for overall journal administration and regulation. They strive to reach decisions by consensus. If a decision requires a formal vote, and if this vote results in perfect equality, the editor is able to cast an additional decisive vote. Governance board members can also be called on to review and evaluate submissions. 
* Scientific committee members are responsible for reviewing and evaluating submissions. They also advise the Governance Board on all matters relating to the journal.)

I am excited by the opportunity to gather together a group of international experts and thinkers who together can break new ground in analysing new forms of cooperative production.

There is an urgent need to examine these important issues critically. I hope that you will join us in this project. In particular, if you have any comments or suggestions regarding the draft mission statement, submission guidelines and peer review process, we would be very interested to hear from you.


Mathieu O'Neil
Editor, CSPP


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