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Re: [jox] Re: Peer Review

Hi Stefan,

Stefan Merten wrote:
WF suggest that + 5 articles could be published as print or otherwise "frozen". Graham did mention print-on-demand which would be something to think about for the future. Does anyone know anything about this? I don't..

Print-on-demand is a model for books. I don't know whether this works
for articles. ChristianS offers his book by a print-on-demand model so
he is an expert.

it's hardly a feasible option for articles because with every POD service
provider you have fixed costs that are independent of the page count of the
book(let). POD may be an option for whole journal editions or volumes. I
would strive for a page count of at least >50 or better >100 pages to
achieve a reasonable cost/content ratio.

I know of two popular POD providers in the English-speaking world: Lulu and
Lightning Source. I'm using the latter -- it's generally less expensive but
has additional setup costs, therefore Lulu might be better for very small

Best regards

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