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Themed issues (was: [jox] Pot-pourri)

Hi Mathieu and all!

Last month (59 days ago) Mathieu O'Neil wrote:
* Themed issues
I would like to prepare some themed CFPs (with deadlines).

Yes. Where an issue probably is a special collection of articles from
the site.

Two that come to mind are:
1- Wikipedia
Rationale: A famous example of peer production, there is a heap of
research going on about it but - to my knowledge - not that many
special issues. There was some discussion on the wiki-research list
recently about whether it would be a good idea to set up a WP
journal so people are interested. And finally we are lucky to have
on board a great wiki-scholar, Amy Bruckman.

I think Wikipedia is a very good theme for a themed issue.

Personally I am interested in practical issues: governance, criticisms, problems with elite, how to research / role of research, etc. Suggestions?

I'd like to add

* benefits of an elite ;-)

Generally I think the governance topic is most interesting. May be at
Virt3C Hull we can gather some stuff / people for this?

2- Open hardware
Rationale: Suggested by Michel Bauwens a while back. How to have successful peer & open production of analog / concrete stuff? Possibilities, limitations, proposals? Suggestions?

Personally I think it is too early in history to really make sense of
this topic - at least if you think of "hard" hardware with the same
characteristics as peer produced information products. (Well, that
would be a good point to write an article about ;-) .)

But indeed people are keen for this topic so it is probably
interesting to have a special issue about this.

If SC members would like to propose a themed issue and be guest editors please do so.

Personally I think themed issues about the following themes are

* Peer governance

  How does governance work in peer production? Why does it work?

* The political economy of Free Software

  Well, basically the initial topic of Oekonux ;-) . Steven Weber also
  wrote a great book about it.



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