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Re: [jox] greetings and special issue content possibilities...

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Hi Lincoln, all

Thanks for your suggestions and comments, they are great. It makes sense to contact conference organizers to see if they would like to publish with us, though we need to be careful that they do not stray too far from our title and mission statement.

I would suggest though that before approaching anyone we should resolve how the peer review process works - an incentive to do this soon!

being very new to this, please forgive me if I have posted this out
of place or repeats earlier conversation... 

No worries.

This might be a little pre-mature, but regarding the earlier not about
thoughts re special issues:
i. I'm sure you are aware of the list and conference 'The
Internet as Playground and Factory' that Trebor Scholz has been
behind, as some of
the people on this list attended. Links with this project might
be worth
making, especially re developing special issues? 

Good idea, this conference certainly sounded interesting, though I could not look in great detail at the program because everything apart from the titles was illegible in the pdf...  They may have a publication planned already, I don't know. 

ii. Geert Lovink, Johanna Nieysto, and others, including Indian
counter-parts are developing a
critical wikipedia project, with conferences in India in January
then latter
in Amsterdam, something to think about re special issue on wikipedia.

In this case I think they are planning to release a reader so I don't know to what extent they would want to work with us. Maybe if they have their own publication project we could ask them to summarise what they wanted to achieve / did achieve and publish that in our Wikipedia issue? Or they might want to submit a few papers?

Also, this project offers possibilities for finding advisors
might be found - especially beyond 'West'.

Very good point...

iii. anglia Ruskin's centre for digital culture is having a
network poplitics cconference/meeting that might be worth making
links with...  other
meetings/conferences are planned, i
think Tornoto in October next year...

with regards to ii and iii i can at least suggest this journal
to them,
if this is thought appropriate...

Thanks for offering, much appreciated. I am in touch with the Wikipedia Delhi/Amsterdam people as they have invited me to take part in a workshop so I can contact them.

Regarding Digital Labor I have never communicated with Trebor Scholz up till now – should I contact him direct or does anyone here who knows him feel like approaching him with the idea of publishing a selection of texts (for example)?

As regards the Network Politics conference I did not know about it, and having read the CFP it seems to be in the same space as us, with some caveats as to research approaches. I may be outrageously pigeonholing them but it seems to me this CFP falls within the new media theory / cultural studies / philosophy camp which is not really in our mission statement (this could be said of the Scholz event though they do have a focus on "digital labor" which brings them closer to us). 

Since this is a volunteer project I want to work as much as possible on approaches I am personally interested in so will not have the time to develop and oversee a special issue project with the Network Politics conference, as described in their CFP. 

However if you think that there are possible connections between network politics and peer production, or that they may be interested in developing a deliberative-agonistic / critical theory / new media theory approach to peer production, I personally would be happy for you to guest edit a special issue on this topic (for those who don’t know him Lincoln has co-edited a book on Radical Democracy and The Internet).

But first we need to decide how we peer review. 


[asides: i've officially finished at the University of 
Queensland, for now, but
this e-mail will remain, but i'm not sure about my website].

ps. OK, but you still have a personal webpage somewhere, right?

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From: owner-journal on behalf of Mathieu O'Neil
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Subject: Re: CVs or scientific committee (was: Re: [jox] Pot-pourri)
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Hi StefanMn, StefanMz, all

In principle I have no problem with having sections for people. 
I checked on a couple of other journals and saw that some don't 
do it:


Fast Capitalism:

But others do, in the form of pop-up boxes (no photos though): 
In all the ones I looked at there was a link to an outside page.

First Monday
Here some pop-up windows are empty. This one is interesting 
because it has some non-academics on it (with no outside link). 
They mainly seem to be entrepreneurs or consultant I guess they 
can claim an expertise in business. There is a social movement 
activist who could claim expertise in grassroots organising I 
suppose. It's not something that I find terribly convincing in 
terms of their ability to evaluate texts though.

At this point all the people on the scientific commitee are 
academics and their capacity to evaluate submissions in their 
respective fields is in principle verified by their academic 
homepage which lists their research interests and or / 
publications. I have not checked but I'd be quite surprised if 
any of the current members did not have a homepage or website.

Our journal is not a traditional academic journal, it has an 
activist component which is clearly reflected in the make-up of 
the Governance Board. If we wanted to have non-academics on the 
Scientific Committee as well, why not, but I think they should 
be able to provide a link to an online archive which would show 
that they have indeed written some texts on the subject to which 
they are claiming an expertise in.

In my view, a situation in which anyone - academic or not - 
could not provide an outside link would be problematic.


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From: Stefan Merten <smerten>
Date: Friday, November 20, 2009 8:44 pm
Subject: CVs or scientific committee (was: Re: [jox] Pot-pourri)
To: journal
Cc: Stefan Merten <smerten>

Hi StefanMz, Mathieu, all!

Yesterday Stefan Meretz wrote:
On 2009-11-17 23:33, Mathieu O'Neil wrote:
=Stefan Merten=

As an idea for further improvement: At the moment thanks to 
Mathieu> >> the members of the Scientific Committee are listed 
on the `current
 web page`_ just with name and affiliation. Later I'd 
find it useful
 if for each member there is an own page or one page 
listing all
 members with a bit more detail. In particular I - but 
probably>>  others as well - am interested in the 
background of people. At the
 very least I think this serves the new members as 
as the
 founders of this project.


At this stage I would suggest simply putting a link to the 
academic /
 professional homepage of the various people, rather 
than collating
 and setting up a lot of pages on the journal site; 
do others

Since not all people do have a "homepage",

That's my point also. Please keep in mind that not everyone 
is a
scientist with an official scientific affiliation.

we could offer to give some 
personal informations on a jox-page, but a link to an 
page is 
fine too. As a compromise each member could have a page 
at least, 
name, affiliation, foto, and a link to an external page or 
some additional 
personal information as they wish.

I hope over the weekend I'll be able to set up the website as 
outlined> on [pox] recently. Then I'd think that is is useful if 
member of
the scientific committee gets an own account there. This 
creates the
option of a personal homepage where everybody can put to what s/he
likes. Unless someone objects I'll create accounts then.

This would also open up an easy solution for pages where less public
things can be discussed. This stuff can be configured to be visible
only by a certain user group - for instance the scientific 



Dr Mathieu O'Neil
Adjunct Research Fellow
Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute
College of Arts and Social Science
The Australian National University

E-mail: mathieu.oneil
Tel.: (61 02) 61 25 38 00
Mail: Coombs Building, 9
Canberra, ACT 0200 - AUSTRALIA

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Dr Mathieu O'Neil
Adjunct Research Fellow
Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute
College of Arts and Social Science
The Australian National University

E-mail: mathieu.oneil
Tel.: (61 02) 61 25 38 00
Mail: Coombs Building, 9
Canberra, ACT 0200 - AUSTRALIA

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