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[jox] Re: CVs or scientific committee

Hi all!

3 days ago Stefan Merten wrote:
Yesterday Stefan Meretz wrote:
we could offer to give some 
personal informations on a jox-page, but a link to an external page is 
fine too. As a compromise each member could have a page with, at least, 
name, affiliation, foto, and a link to an external page or some additional 
personal information as they wish.

I hope over the weekend I'll be able to set up the website as outlined
on [pox] recently.

Done. The journal now has an own Plone site. I think all details about
this Plone site should be discussed here (rather than on [pox]).

Then I'd think that is is useful if every member of
the scientific committee gets an own account there. This creates the
option of a personal homepage where everybody can put to what s/he
likes. Unless someone objects I'll create accounts then.

I did not do this yet (but also did not look for objections so far).

This would also open up an easy solution for pages where less public
things can be discussed. This stuff can be configured to be visible
only by a certain user group - for instance the scientific committee.

Can all be done now.



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