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Re: [jox] Re: CVs or scientific committee

Hi Mathieu and all!

Sorry for being so silent. My job devoured me lately...

Last week (11 days ago) Mathieu O'Neil wrote:
In principle I have no problem with having sections for people. I checked on a couple of other journals and saw that some don't do it:
First Monday
Here some pop-up windows are empty. This one is interesting because it has some non-academics on it (with no outside link). They mainly seem to be entrepreneurs or consultant I guess they can claim an expertise in business. There is a social movement activist who could claim expertise in grassroots organising I suppose. It's not something that I find terribly convincing in terms of their ability to evaluate texts though.

At this point all the people on the scientific commitee are academics and their capacity to evaluate submissions in their respective fields is in principle verified by their academic homepage which lists their research interests and or / publications. I have not checked but I'd be quite surprised if any of the current members did not have a homepage or website.

Our journal is not a traditional academic journal, it has an activist component which is clearly reflected in the make-up of the Governance Board. If we wanted to have non-academics on the Scientific Committee as well, why not, but I think they should be able to provide a link to an online archive which would show that they have indeed written some texts on the subject to which they are claiming an expertise in.

Well, I understand that for you the CV is mainly to show that a
committee member can do a good job.

But that was not my point. I just wanted to know about the background
of people. Whether they every wrote a scientific paper or not doesn't
matter much to me in this regard. In fact there is *so* much useless
stuff out there the mere existence of a paper doesn't say much.

I know that this doesn't match academic credibility standards. And
though I think we need to embrace academic credibility standards I
also think we need to embrace new ways of showing credibility which
stems from the communities. Admittedly I have no quick, hard rules on
how to do this but may be we can come up with ideas here?

For the moment I think the best solution is to have two types of
credibility: The one from academia and one from the communities. That
would reflect our problem here quite well.

In my view, a situation in which anyone - academic or not - could not provide an outside link would be problematic.

Well, not everyone has such a big ego to maintain a personal website
all the time - which doesn't mean that there is nothing out there.

For instance for me there is a less than optimal personal website
saying nearly nothing about my credibility for a journal like this.
But there are *lots* of postings in the various Oekonux mailing lists
at least some of which I'd consider thoughtful and innovative. There
are also occasional papers and slide sets though not one really has
academic merits.

I'd consider my work more as part of a flow in an community - and not
the result of an individual genius. I'd also think that this is an
important and quite common expression of peer production. Therefore I
think this type of work should be recognized and honored by our

But back to the practical question for now:

Last week (9 days ago) Stefan Merten wrote:
3 days ago Stefan Merten wrote:
Then I'd think that is is useful if every member of
the scientific committee gets an own account there. This creates the
option of a personal homepage where everybody can put to what s/he
likes. Unless someone objects I'll create accounts then.

I did not do this yet (but also did not look for objections so far).

I think I didn't see objections to the accounts so I can create them
at some point (may be next weekend).

To have an own homepage - actually an own folder - in the journal site
is clearly an option. Plone also offers the option to create external
links looking like pages in the navigation. This would be an option to
have an internal "page" redirecting immediately to a different place.
This works more or less for user folders also.

This would also open up an easy solution for pages where less public
things can be discussed. This stuff can be configured to be visible
only by a certain user group - for instance the scientific committee.

Can all be done now.

This needs accounts in any case.



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