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Constitution (was: [jox] Pot-pourri)

Hi Mathieu and all!

I think it's still not too late to wish you all a happy new year.

Last month (59 days ago) Mathieu O'Neil wrote:
* Constitution
We want the governance and decision-making to be democratic.

We probably need to spell out what democratic means here exactly.
Voting? At the very least it need to be participative.

The reason we set up a Governance Board (GB) was to guarantee the
integrity of the project (to prevent it from being misdirected away
from core functions such as "advancing peer production"). However
there is some vagueness about practical details: how does one become
a GB  member?

Well, I feel like there are already some members of a Governance Board
- namely those people who founded this initiative. However, I'm not
sure whether you share this feeling.

For adding new members I'd suggest that members of the Governance
Board can propose new members who the remaining members need to agree
on. This would help maintaining trust.

How does one leave?

I'd say simply by declaring so. At best if someone wants / need to
leave for some time in advance but since we are all volunteers this
can not always be guaranteed.

Another question is how someone can be expelled. I'd suggest that this
can be done by an unanimous decision of the remaining members of the
Governance Board.

Are there terms of office?

I'd say: No. What would they be good for?

What about inactive members?

In general I'd say inactive members don't hurt - do they? If an
inactive member doesn't respond any more s/he can be expelled after
some grace period.

Etc. These will have to be sorted out over the next few months. Input welcome.

My cent.



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