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[jox] Internal discussion space on website


As a showcase I now created an example of an internal discussion space
on the website. Please surf to

Unless you are logged in you will notice that in the navigation bar
near the top there is no entry "Scientific Commitee".

Then log in using the login name `RoleReviewer` and the same as
password. You will notice that now there is an entry "Scientific
Commitee" in the navigation bar. 

The folder "Scientific Commitee" is a private space visible only for
the group `Reviewers`. The `RoleReviewer` account belongs to this
group. The key for this behavior is that the pages are kept `private`.

Under this folder I created another folder "Proposed members" and as
an example suggested to include "John Doe". If you want to add to this
suggestion then just click on the edit tab and add your text. (There
should be also a way to comment articles but so far I didn't figure
out how to switch this on :-( ).

Similarly you can add a new page for another proposed member and make
your point there.

This way we can discuss topics like proposed members as a group but
make the discussion not public as it would be if this list is used.

Of course this really makes sense if you all have an account so you
can login as yourself and not only by an example account. @Mathieu:
Please trigger me if you want me to create these accounts. At best you
send me the email addresses and names of people you'd like to include.



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