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Re: [jox] Re: Skins for the journal site

Hi Mathieu and all!

2 days ago Mathieu ONeil wrote:
 Is the plone name always going to be at the top?

This is an icon we can configure. See for instance

for a different image in the same skin. If you have an image I'll
install it. Best format would be 168 x 44 pixels.

I set up a survey_ for now. It should be visible to all accounts I

.. _survey:

This results in an error message ('The error has been logged as entry number                  1270591101.840.147597876199')

I tried to "save" with no fields filled in. This resulted in an error,
indeed. However, when I filled out all fields - they are mandatory at
the moment - it worked as expected.

Well, I now created the survey. You can check out the designs linked
to the questions and give your opinion. Or you can check through all
`available Plone themes`_ and suggest some more skins to choose from.

I don't mind this: though its not very jolly I'm afraid.

Will add it when I'm online again.

In terms of structure there does not seem to be much flexibility - most of the skins I looked at had basically one narrow column with login boxes, calendar and a wider main column with some text.

I don't know how much flexibility in the general structure is
possible. I guess the structure consists basically of a main area, a
top area and one or two columns on the left and/or right.

The contents of the main area is determined of where you are in the
site - i.e. the page or folder you navigated to. The columns on the
left and right have no fixed content, however. The login boxes,
calendar and stuff can be all configured - on a global, group,
location or even on a personal basis. These boxes are called portlets.
If you are logged in then you should see links "Manage portlets" at
the bottom of both columns.

I.e.: Don't look too much at this - it can be configured as you like.

I was wondering if we could have boxes with text or visuals like in Biella's first example?

Well, that would in any case be the main content of a certain page in
the site. There are ways to upload images but what do we need them
for? I thought we are publishing texts and not images?

From StefanMn's response below this does not seem possible..? My question is what else can we have within those two columns? Because right now it looks quite bloggy and I thought we did not want that (at least some of us don't)...

May be the information about portlets helps here. The main question to
me is about functionality: What do we need? What do you think a page
like Biella's first example would be useful for?

I think we need to figure out what is possible within Plone - do we always need to have the column with login / calendar for example?


I think a few boxes with text or visuals could be added?

Probably. Where?



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