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Skins for the journal site (was: Re: [jox] Hull Meeting)

Hi Biella and all!

Last week (9 days ago) Gabriella Coleman wrote:
Hi everyone,

So here are some of the sites I was thinking of. The first one does not
qualify as minimal but is perhaps the best example of a site that
integrates audio visual material quite beautifully:

Then there are other sties that are blogs but are being configured more
like magazines than blogs:

Finally: I agree that simple is good. But hopefully we can manage
something that is simple but professional looking and aesthetically
strong. I think Fast Capitalism has some of these qualities though I am
not crazy about the color scheme:

I am sure other folks have suggestions and samples so do send along.

The technical basis of the site is Plone. Among many other useful
features Plone can have skins controlling the optical design. The skin
which is in place now has been chosen for the Oekonux sites but we can
have a different one for the journal.

For the Oekonux sites we had a poll for this:

I propose we should do something similar here. I'll set up a poll page
during the weekend. Should be easy (and I'll learn a bit more again).



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