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Re: [jox] New submission: Germ form theory - conceptual frame

All right!

We have our first proper paper proposal. We need some reviewers. As this is a political philosophy text I'm thinking Lincoln Dahlberg and Johan Soderberg [plus anyone else whose name finishes in 'berg' ;-)] would be good candidates. But how do we do it? Does the editor request these reviewer's contribution or sort of put it out there that reviewers are needed and uh wait? That wont work: so people: can or can't?

Is anyone else interested? Thanks for speaking up.

In any case this means we have to have categories for signals. Lets have a go, using Ed Steinmueller's masterful remix of my original proposal:

A_Objective categories
-activist (article proposes a critique of a policy or practice with specific action proposals or suggestions): yes / no
 -academic (article follows conventions of academic research article -- e.g. position in literature, cited sources, and claimed contribution): yes / no
-prospective (article is based on developments that have not yet occurred): yes / no
-formalised (article is based on formal logic or mathematical technique): yes / no
-language quality (standard of English expression in article is excellent): yes / no

B_Subjective categories
-scope of debate (article addresses an issue which is widely known and debated): yes / no
-comprehensiveness (most related sources are mentioned in article) [I hope this would be an invitation to careful selection rather than a demonstration of prowess in citation collection -- i.e. apt and representative choices made in source citations]: yes / no
-logical flow (ideas are well organised in article): yes / no
-originality (the argument presented in article is new)
-evidence (there are many established arguments for which the most valuable contribution would be further and better evidence.  One could also split here -- conceptual originality / empirical originality): yes / no
-commendations (reviewers wish to signal their appreciation of the article [I still think it most relevant to offer a brief statement rather than a check box here -- say 50 words.  Failing that perhaps recommended to others 1 (only to those with a very specific interest) to 10 (essential knowledge for all)?  Perhaps this is another category -- salience?]: yes / no

I remind everyone that reviewers are encouraged to communicate with one another and with the list.


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Subject: [jox] New submission: Germ form theory - conceptual frame
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I put a new submission to



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