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Re: [jox] Re: Skins for the journal site

Hi everyone,

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From: Mathieu ONeil <mathieu.oneil>
To: journal
Sent: Sun, April 11, 2010 5:05:35 PM
Subject: Re: [jox] Re: Skins for the journal site

@ George D: any news 
on those texts you mentioned we could practise peer reviewing on? We now have a 
password protected site to post text to... 

Sorry for taking so long but had been away for the past fifteen days and just got back today so i will try to post them to the wiki tonight. however, they are quite longish: for example, the first one is about 10700 words, so formatting it might be difficult and rather time-consuming. but since i already have it in html, i suppose it's not going to be that much of a problem.  

as for the templates: i had a look at the various plone themes/templates but i can't say i liked any of them (perhaps with the sole exception of the olives theme). what however i liked the least about them is that none seemed to be aesthetically appropriate for a journal.. 

matthieu nailed the problem when he referred to the calendar, which is a design element/feature i don't think we need. on the other side, i think we need to ask ourselves whether the modifications required to turn the generic plone template/theme into something we could use for the purpose of publishing a journal can be made relatively easily or whether that would necessitate the expenditure of countless hours of tweaking..



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