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Re: [jox] texts for peer review added

Great, thanks! Should the names of authors be removed or does it not 
matter. Also, have some of these texts been published anywhere? If we are going 
to go through the process of evaluating them etc perhaps we should focus on 
material that has the potential to be published by us - just a 

I suppose we need to decide whether authors' names should be removed for the peer-review process: in my opinion, it makes better sense if the reviewers do not know who's the originating author, thus strengthening the validity and robustness of the process..

Concerning the four texts i added to the system: as i wrote in my message to the list (on 23/3), I don't know whether they have been published elsewhere, online or 
offline; what i suggest is this: if we like the papers and deem them worth publishing, then we contact the authors and ask them first whether their texts have been published anywhere (in the space that elapsed since these texts came into my hands, some 4-5 years ago) and second if they'd like to see their texts published in CSPP. For now, as i understand it, the primary purpose of these texts is to help test our peer-review process so that 'bugs' are promptly identified. 



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