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[jox] Categorization (was: Submissions and reviews)

Hi all!

Yesterday Stefan Merten wrote:
While thinking about it: Plone has a feature called "Categorization".
You find it when you "edit" some content and click the
"Categorization" tab. There you can tag the content with categories -
i.e. keywords attached to the content. And you can create
"collections" which are perspectives on some other contents by
configurable criteria. I'll create an example when I'm back online and
have the time.


I now tagged the submissions Mathieu already put into subfolders with
the respective tags. You can see the categories if you surf to the
respective entry. For instance go to

and you'll see "filed under: activist, short".

I then created two so-called collections which are dynamic queries for
which you can give criteria. See

This is for a start. You can define lots of criteria and make really
complicated queries if you like. So far both contain only two entries
because the other submissions are not tagged so far. If they are they
will appear in the collections immediately. What we would need would
be a list of categories and which values are in each category - for
instance "theory" and "activist" are in the same category and thus
mutual exclusive.

That is also a feature users of the journal can use: They can create a
collection of their choice in their personal space on the website and
this way select what they are interested in.



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