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Fancy layouts (was: Re: [jox] Hott off the Editor's Desk)

Hi Biella, Mathieu, all!

Last week (8 days ago) Gabriella Coleman wrote:
Mathieu ONeil wrote:
Re. style for the journal I am leaning towards a more minimal approach. 

In part this is due to seeing one too many super-slick powerpoint
presentations. Ultimately I find all the super-slick animations
distracting. We need it to be clean and striking. For the homepage I'm
thinking all white background with black and one extra colour text only.
Small font. For article space something like First Monday would be fine.
Ultimately the content is what will make this worth coming back to.


Minimal is good though I think it is a real shame not to eventually
embed imagea and video if we have the resources to do so. Not because it
is slick but because it can enhance the arguments.

Again, the site which has pulled off design beautifully is Triple
Canopy. I doubt we have the capacity to do what they have done but it is
a reminder that rich media can be used not as bells as whistles but to
enhance the substance of the arguments.

As I said: Technically there is a lot possible - though someone has to
do it - at least as a concept.

@Biella: Why don't you find a Plone site out there with a style
pleasing you? That would be a concrete suggestion we can continue
with. For instance we could ask the owner of this Plone site how s/he
did it.



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