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Re: Documenting current state (was: Re: [jox] HOWTO_conference reports)

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Hi Stefan, all

If someone feels like pulling out whatever content from the list and putting it on the site for internal consumption why not but consider that:

a) this will be a moving target as things shift with discussion and
b) we are in a sense documenting where we are at (in terms of peer review at least) on the open draft CFP page.

I agree that the mailing list has a lot of content... maybe there could be some automated search that would gather together similar content. I know that what I'm doing here - dreaming of a technical fix without doing anything to advance it concretely - is not the way to go so I will stop. 

Personally I am more interested in the website structure and producing content for it. What would be useful in my view would be setting up a to-do list, comprising site set-up, suggestions for content, ideas about conferences to approach for reports etc - that way these ideas won't get lost as they might on the list (though I would encourage anyone who posts there to alert the list as well).

Speaking of which I posted a suggested site structure a week ago - no-one commented! Must mean it was perfect!... ;-) Is there a way to start setting up pages using the layout I suggested - all white background, text only, small font, frontpage with cspp and five subcategories?

Thanks for advising,


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From: Stefan Merten <smerten>
Date: Sunday, May 9, 2010 1:20 pm
Subject: Documenting current state (was: Re: [jox] HOWTO_conference reports)
To: journal

Hi Mathieu!

5 days ago Mathieu ONeil wrote:
ps. Though previously I did argue that having releases as 
issues would give more weight and visibility... see how we go...

And also because new people are asking questions: Wouldn't it make
sense to document the current state of discussion on the site in the
"Scientific Committee" area? I know you prefer the mailing list
archive for this but that is a bit unstructured - don't you think?



Dr Mathieu O'Neil
Adjunct Research Fellow
Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute
College of Arts and Social Science
The Australian National University
email: mathieu.oneil[at]

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