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Re: [jox] Chaos or transparency?

Hi Athina and all!

I'll start with the more emotional part this evening and see how far I
get. In any case: I have another long train journey tomorrow and see
what I can do then.

2 days ago Athina Karatzogianni wrote:
Reading this exchange I am wondering whether we can have a new beginning
here, a sort of blank sheet and restart by taking on board only what has
been achieved so far, without any other useless baggage.

A review process has been more or less sketched out, and it is clear and
feasible at this point what this is, it has been debated for over 30

Agreed. The point I'm trying to make: It is not implemented yet, not
operable. And the details are important here.

We have reviewed some papers and have sent some papers for review so
this is ongoing and soon we can have an inaugural issue perhaps.We have an
editorial board, a scientific committee and

a functioning site we can use to
point people to what the journal is about and discover more things to
utilise the site for; perhaps Stefan can oblige us by introducing us to what
they are, so we can all use them.

Of course I will introduce you - given the details are clear.

I would also like to say that we have all contributed a tiny bit to this
effort, and Stefan and Mathieu most of all, and thank you loads for


so it is not about who is chaotic and who is trasparent,
or who is to blame for this and that,

I hope I was able to make clear that I'm not making statements about
characters of persons. If I say

  > From all I saw so far from Mathieu he really prefers chaos.

that is *my* recognition of a *preference*. I can be wrong or Mathieu
can change his preferences. This is something different to me than
blaming someone.

this is not a capitalist bureaucracy
and no one should be worried about getting it wrong really, as no one is
getting fired.

I tend to disagree because... ...well, you say it yourself:

Lets try and get along and see how we can make this work as
well as possible, given that it is our own time we are spending doing
something we like.

I.e.: This is Selbstentfaltung and thus *more* important than
alienated labor...



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