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SV: [jox] Licence for articles

Guess I have the tiping vote!

As was already noted before, there is no practical significance to this choice. As with 98% of all CC licensed goods, It is all about self-promotion and sending the right signals. The ideological purist signal that we want to send is to ditch the non-commercial. 


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Ämne: Re: [jox] Licence for articles

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Hi all

Um, crossed messages! OK, we have 2:2. I can see both sides.
Sending the strongest message about NC vs. favouring the spread of the licence... I guess we need more input?



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From: Stefan Merten <smerten>
Date: Thursday, June 2, 2011 6:22 pm
Subject: Re: [jox] Licence for articles
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Hi all!

2 hours ago Alex Halavais wrote:
I would make the argument for CC-BY-SA.


NC is an anti-pattern for me. Free Software would not have been
possible with NC - so what should it be good for?



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