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Re: [jox] Licence for articles

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hi mathieu, stefan,

re debate: i'd be happy to be involved, but i'm not sure i'm the best
person. the way i see it, the debate has to have someone willing to take the
first step (previously johan), then someone who cares enough to respond
(previously me). then either a third person or perhaps a follow up by the
initial contributor. stefan and toni seemed to have the strongest views on
this so maybe one of those two would like to write something to begin with.
i think that we would also need an 'angle' that would make the debate a bit
different (as obviously these debates have and are playing out elsewhere).
what is unique about some of the people in this journal (not so much
myself!) is that they are very much committed to building a future based on
the ideals of peer production. so the debate might be one about pragmatics
versus idealism as it plays out in choice of licenses. it could also be
about licenses and possible futures. just some thoughts. anyway, i wouldn't
want to write anything myself but maybe someone on the list (stefan, toni?)
does and can thus oversee the debate like mathieu did last time. otherwise,
i would be happy to oversee the debate, but not contribute. i might need
some help with suggested debaters.

re dmytri: yes, that debate was ugly. i have no interest in revisiting it,
or in holding it over anyone in the future. people have said mean things
about me on the CPOV list and at the wikipedia review, but 'the caravan
moves on' as my dutch friends put it. i have also met dmytri and although
our ideas were not in agreement, i found him to be a pretty nice guy (much
the same as when i met stefan and johan in hull). dmytri is interesting
because he wrote his own license very much in relation to the stuff we have
been discussing. he wrote it as a direct critique of capital AND creative
commons. to me, that would make for an interesting perspective.



On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 4:43 AM, Stefan Merten <smerten> wrote:

Hi Mathieu!

Today Mathieu ONeil wrote:
 Nate: I don't know D. Kleiner,

Then you might be interested in



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