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SV: [jox] Urgent - Inaugural issue of CSPP

I see no need to change the text in the call at this stage. I am a bit concerned about the delay, that the call will now come in the middle of the summer leave, what we tried to avoid. But I see no way around it, except for delaying the whole thing till after summer, which probably would be worse. 

Från: owner-journal [owner-journal] för Alessandro Delfanti [delfanti]
Skickat: den 9 juni 2011 17:14
Till: journal
Ämne: Re: [jox] Urgent - Inaugural issue of CSPP

2-Finalisation of Jonas/Alessandro CFP for inclusion on site. Any
text changes? Deadline?
@Jonas/Alessandro: thanks for letting me know of any changes.

we didnt change anything. i'd only change the deadline to July 10 (so
we can postpone it to july 20 with a recall and still be able to
notify authors by july 31)

authors can write to my email delfanti, which is not a
problem, but i wonder if there is any "official" email you use to
collect papers? this is not clear on the website

Johan, what do you say?




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