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Re: RE: [jox] Ready to be served

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We can certainly call the research section "Journal" if that helps make it
clearer (since the "Journal" section is now called "About"). Re your
suggestion about upcoming issue it is not clear whether issue 2 will be
about bio-hacking or not. I would argue that until an issue is ready for
release it should not be advertised as such. The home / mission / frontpage
has a CFP as well. I agree the current issue should appear on this frontpage
more clearly.

Although, changing that back to "journal" would undo Simon's proposal
(above). We need to make it clear to the reader whether the structure is
like this;

 -- Research
 -- Debate
 -- Reports

...or, if the debates and reports are separate from the journal. In that
case, it would make more sense to call it "journal" as that is a more
fitting description (CSPP publishes results of research that is funded by
other entities, it's not a research institute of its own, is it?)

In any event, I'm all for redundancy when it comes to web design! The front
page should contain the most important links and meta description of itself
without me having to click or scroll. Rather have too many links than too
few. The problem of a lot of online activism is that the activists assume
the users / readers / public to be technology-savvy, which all too often
equals failure on behalf of techy activists to reach out to enough people.

// J

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