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Re: [jox] Free Software Special Issue

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Hi Alessandro

Have you figured why some of your posts bounce and others not?

On 06/30/11, Alessandro Delfanti  <delfanti> wrote:
Ah, but our SC members are unusual in that they are all committed to  helping the project and very diligent in delivering reviews - most  of those for issue 1 came back in a few weeks. if you explain the  situation people understand and do their best to meet deadlines -  though I guess you will be getting outside reviewers too

you're right, but the lenght of the review process also depends on how many reviewers we need. let's say we have 4 good papers = 8 or 12 reviewers, all experts on more or less the same subject... this was worrying us even before you said you wanted it for december :)

True, you may need to have people review more than one paper

again, I am certainly willing to try and make it for december, and i'm sure johan as well will work hard to match the deadline. i dont think it's impossible.


but as a special issue you have special problems here: what if one author is late? what if one reviewer is late? what if, which is very likely, one paper needs major revisions? that would stop the whole issue and not only one paper.

Yes and no, a paper could always be added later to the mix

if i were you, mathieu, I would have a Plan B: 2/3 papers and 2/3 short articles for the debate section ready for december. if we make it for december with our issue, you move them to june and the next special issue to next december. of course you can also decide to publish the december special issue say in january o february 2012, if something happens.

Ok, then raises the issue of where to get the papers from. I have a submission on P2P theory, would need two more... unless we put a general call out now...? But it will take a while. So what we really need is for the CSPP list to apply its collective intelligence and rustle up some content.

Which leads me to...

@Vasilis K: if you are reading this, any chance of an excerpt on P2P theory from your dissertation?

anyhow i guess these are normal problems when you start a new journal...

Yes, except we have no resources whatsoever except people to give advice and lend a hand...



i mean, we MIGHT make it for december, and we can certainly try, but i 
wouldn't bet on having everything in time...

Well, the problem is, what is the alternative?...
We have one non-special issue paper submission and that's it, so  far. In my view our next three issues should focus on having solid  dossiers on biohack, floss, and organisation.
Then we we could just skip December, but that might not be a good look...



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