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Re: [jox] Cancellations of list subscriptions by team members

Hi Mathieu and all!

BTW: It would have been much better to start a new thread by writing a
new mail. By sending this as a reply this thread is a sub-thread of
another one :-( .

4 days ago Mathieu ONeil wrote:
A few weeks ago Graham Seaman cancelled his subscription to this list.

I think I have an idea why. Indeed I understand him...

Today Andreas Wittel did the same.

That is not 100% correct. He tried to change his subscription but
failed because of the spam filter. I subscribed him with his new
address meanwhile.

The question is, can someone be meaningfully said to be part of the governance board (G) or scientific committee (A) if they choose to not participate in our discussion and decision forum? Personally I don't think so. So, unless someone objects, I am proposing that their names be removed. They can always come back later if they want.

I think they should be asked.

4 days ago Mathieu ONeil wrote:
By going through the archive I see that two others have unsubscribed recently - George Dafermos and Brian Witworth.

This is wrong. At 06-17 I unsubscribed three bouncing mail addresses
including these two. I consciously cc-ed you in the administrative
mail I sent to majordomo and used the subject "Unsubscribing bouncing
mail addresses".

All three mail addresses bounced for quite some time so it doesn't
make sense to keep them on the list (and there is probably no point in
writing to them by this address). I unsubscribe such addresses once in
a while to get rid of the bounce messages. Yes, I would prefer that
people care themselves about this stuff...



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