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Re: [jox] Critical Studies in Peer production or Critical Studies in Commons Production?

Hi Mathieu and all,

On 2011-08-24 09:47, Mathieu ONeil wrote:
In this regard, the fact that the journal is called Critical Studies
in Peer Production (CSPP) is starting to bother me a little, because
it puts, in my view, too much emphasis on the _process_ (peer
production, which is to certain extent dependent on, and enmeshed in
capitalism) rather than on the sought-after _result_ of the process,
the production of commons. So I am wondering if a more appropriate
title for the journal might not be Critical Studies in Commons
Production (CSCP)?

I would like to stay with the current name. Two points:

1. It is the social process which distinguishes from capitalism, because 
peer production is about a new mode of production, not mainly about new 

2. Commons is not a result of a process, but commons is threefold 
resources, commoning (the social process), and result (product which in 
the next cycle may act as resource). Or as Peter Linebaugh puts it: 
"There is no commons without commoning".

However, these two points may be an argument to change the name (with a 
different perspective than yours), but I see no advantage to exchange 
"peer" with "commons" (is there a non-peer commons?).

If you want to be more precise, then adopting the Benkler notion would 
be the best: Critical Studies in Commons-Based Peer Production.


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