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[jox] Apologies (was: Re: Ridiculous arguments)

Hi Mathieu, all!

@Christian: Thanks for your post about Oekonux and its openness. You
are right and I agree that I should be more careful here.

Yesterday Mathieu ONeil wrote:
I understand you are probably still upset that the publication /
peer process is not  more distributed or transparent. If there is a
way for people to post for examples reviews and remain 100%
anonymous, fine. If you want to experiment with ways to do that that
do not affect the journal's work, fine.

Well, I apologize for following my emotions and my brain having not
much of a chance to intervene lately. I agree that this was completely
unprofessional and this should not be. I'm sorry for this but I'm
still a human.


I have consistently tried to offer you a platform to _say what you think_. I fail to see how this is "building strawmen".
I have consistently tried to achieve consensus from the community.
I have consistently encouraged all to express themselves freely.
I have consistently tried to be as fair and open as possible, both on and offlist.

I dare you to bring up any issue that contradicts this.

Well, the problem is that it somehow happened that I deeply distrust
you, Mathieu. Of course this is the reason for my bad emotions.

When things reach this stage it is too easy to make everything match
this pattern. When I'm back to my senses I know this. Well, I think we
all know things like this. However, they should not be so again I'd
like to apologize.

In the end I think that in many respects you are doing a good job,

If there is anything _real_ or _concrete_ that you want to raise, go
right ahead.

There *are* some real and concrete things which IMHO should at least
be considered. The aspect you mentioned above is one of those. I'm
going for three weeks of vacation on Friday so I don't know whether I
can give that input before that. I'll think about it.



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