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Re: [jox] Critical Studies in Peer production or Critical Studies in Commons Production?

Hi Mathieu and all,

On 08/24/2011 09:47 AM, Mathieu ONeil wrote:
In this regard, the fact that the journal is called Critical Studies in
Peer Production (CSPP) is starting to bother me a little, because it
puts, in my view, too much emphasis on the _process_ (peer production,
which is to certain extent dependent on, and enmeshed in capitalism)
rather than on the sought-after _result_ of the process, the production of
commons. So I am wondering if a more appropriate title for the journal might not
be Critical Studies in Commons Production (CSCP)? 

Since the journal has not yet been put up for indexation it would not
be a big deal to change the name, we could just explain why we felt it
was necessary. 

I would prefer to stick with the current name. Both commons and peer
production are important, but when people talk about commons (the result and
precondition) they often forget the process (peer production), while the
reverse is much less likely.

Also, there are already several journals on the commons, but none yet (I
think) on peer production. So lets fill that niche...

Best regards

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