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Re: [jox] journal

And I think that's my cue as well. I am convinced that you have a
great project, but I don't think I have the time or background at this
stage, particularly with new responsibilities coming up this year, to
be able to contribute substantively to the discussion or growth of the

I wish you all the most sincere best of luck, but I too will step
back. Please remove me from the list and board.

Thank you,


On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 9:13 AM, Amy Bruckman <amy.bruckman> wrote:

Dear all,

I'm sorry I haven't been more active in the journal. I'm glad things are
going well so far! Since I haven't really helped (I just got busier than I
expected), I think I'd better step down as an official participant. But
thanks so much for including me.  You can take me off the mailing list and
remove my name.  I wish you the best of luck with it all going forwards!

-- Amy

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