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Re: [jox] Re: Announcing fork

Hi all,

On 02/06/2012 02:53 PM, Stefan Meretz wrote:
it is a pity in which way you, the group of forkers, are doing this
step. If you are somewhat familiar with Free Software one has to say: It
is not a fork in the sense of free software, what you are doing here.
Normally, a fork is the tipping point of an open social process, where
direction of a project (or the means used or what ever) is disputed over
some time and agreement is not possible. This has not happened here,
instead, you have created a secret society inviting only selected
persons. If you are not part of the selected circle, then you have no
chance to intervene, to offer your help, your ideas etc. No transparency
at all. For example: Why didn't you invite me to join you secret
society? Because I haven't participated ox4? I am assumed to be too
narrow linked to the old Oekonux core? My positions are too radical? I
would have rejected the way you are doing the fork right now? Other
reasons? No idea.

I second that. I had no idea too, though I did participate in ox4 and I too
have written an article for the next issue.

I hope the new journal will flourish. The result of an open process
might simply have been a separation of the journal from the Oekonux
infrastructure. Becoming an independent journal would have been much
easier than this split. To me it seems completely unrealistic and not
useful to have CSPP and JoPP at the same time. It was as important to
have Mathieu maintaining the journal as to have StefanMn setting up the
infrastructure. If Mathieu will leave now, I see no chance for CSPP.

Therefore, I opt for closing CSPP -- or -- shifting it completely to the
independent new journal, even if JoPP will be less open compared to CSPP.

I agree.

Am 06.02.2012 10:45, schrieb Mathieu ONeil:
However a number of serious
disagreements with StefanMn about the way the journal should operate
made it difficult to continue working serenely. This culminated a few
months ago at which point some people decided to leave the project.

If you made that decision months ago, why didn't you announce it then?

Anyway, best regards

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