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[jox] CSPP: Editors

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Hi all

So far in the CSPP journal the editorial work - liaising with authors and reviewers, providing feedback, copy-editing, layout etc - was being done by one person only. This has proved to be unworkable.

To remedy this problem I approached a few people  with good writing skills who had demonstrated through their work a commitment to the project. I asked whether they would like to give a hand by joining in as co-editors, and I am delighted to report positive responses from Athina Karatzogianni, George Michaelides, Johan Söderberg, Maurizio Teli and Nate Tkacz. I want to thank them all publicly for this sign of support to the project.

We have begun dividing the work necessary to finalise the second issue so some authors will be contacted by one of them instead of myself about their work. 

In terms of more precise definitions of roles, capacities, terms of office, etc, while recognising that these are important points, my preference would be to set organisational issues aside until after the second issue has been released.



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