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Re: [jox] A response to Michel and Jakob

InMarx, value, of course not use value, is congealed energy. 

Stefan Meretz 03/15/12 7:34 AM >>> 
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Am 15.03.2012 11:51, schrieb Michel Bauwens: 
so even as we work with a new conception of value as peer 
producers contributing to our commons, we are embedded in a 
capitalist logic where capital is extracting their kind of value 
from our work, and as I argued in Al Jazeera, the feedback loop 
between the two kinds of value is broken, hence both a crisis of 
capital accumulation and a crisis of precarity 

If not metaphorical speeking, but stricly in the Marxian: Capital is 
not extracting "value", because value is not an essence which can be 
extracted like sucking soda from a bottle. Capital is extracting our 
energy and creativity to privatly produce a commodity, which it then 
traded on markets has a value (be it a material product or offering an 
advertisement platform like Facebook as you mentioned). 

So I would always prefer to says: Capital is turning human energy and 
creativity into value. But reading your usage of the term "value" more 
metaphorically I am fine with your description. 

so, by talking about the marxian theory of value, or any other one, 
we are describing one aspect of these social processes .. but this 
does not mean that "we" are re-importing the logic, it's the 
'reality' we are facing 

There are two realities: the capitalist to get rid off, and the p2p to 
get flourished. They have qualitatively different logics, but today 
they necessarily always appear in mixed modes. Marxian theory made for 
the old does not apply to the new. The new quality needs new notions 
and theory. Thus I see and observe the danger of re-importing old 

so the real problem remains, i.e. insuring the social reproduction 
of the commoners, 'outside' or 'in parallel' with, the processes of 
capital accumulation? 

Yes! We do not get rid of real problems by only creating nice new 
theories ;) 


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