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Re: [jox] A response to Michel and Jakob

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Am 15.03.2012 13:18, schrieb jmp:
Google and Facebooks are used for purposes, that can be commons. 
But Google and Facebooks are definitely not commons, even not
from the pov of the users. It is always important to distinguish
between the ressource and the social process. A commons relates
to the social process with respect to a ressource, but a
ressource itself can never by a commons. A commons is a social
relationship as the commodity is too.

Is that a consensus? And if, then how?

Depends on how big you make the circle. It starts from the insights of
Peter Linebaugh saying, that "there is no commons without commoning."

Traditionally/historically speaking (for example if you look at an 
English map) the places where those social relationships
(commoning) took place were called commons (i.e. a real place, a
piece of land, incl. set of natural resources), such as Greenham
Common, which is a good example, since it has been both the site
for the Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp and the Royal Air Force
base they protested against.

The same holds true for commodities as well: The stuff in your hand,
this is meant to be a commodity. But analyzing the whole story we can
discover, that a commodity is a reification of a social relation. This
process of turning a social relationship into a thing was called
fetishism by Marx.

Relatedly, what do you call what used to be called commons, then?

A commons resource. But I see no big problem to further use "commons"
for the stuff itself, if we are aware that it is the commoning which
makes the stuff a commons. Same with commodity.

However, if you argue in a theoretical context, I would prefer to be
more explicit by dismantling the reifications.


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