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Re: [jox] p2p and market

Hi Jakob,

you didn't address that question to me, nevertheless ...

Am 01.04.2012 11:08, schrieb Jakob Rigi:
In this point I have two questions for you: What is trade? What is money?
For me money is the representation of abstract labor congealed in
commodities. Money represents commodities.

In this point I think Marx was completely right: Money is a social relationship, not a "representation". Money expresses a _right_ to get a certain amount of _not yet specified_ commodity secured by _social rules_. If those rules are canceled, e.g. the government announces, that the money, that was yesterday accepted without problem, is no more valid, you have a serious problem with those your rights that you accumulated.

So money and trade cannot be understood without remeding to the reproduction of the system of trust that is the real commons (!) behind the system. I don't know if that was exactly Polanyi's focus, but he at least understood that there is such a point and that it is central.



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