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Re: [ox-en] Triply-Free software


I find this this to be a very important insight and I'll certainly be using it in my own theoretical construction.

I'm hoping you can also evolve this to a more descriptive text, so that I can update this:

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The table in which "triple-free" appears can now be found here:

I'm not sure if there exists a "definition" as such; the point is just 
to note that in addition to the characteristics of double-free, 
triple-free peer production (whether in free software, media, 
education...) includes the ownership of the means of production down to
the level of electricity, the physical infra etc. I'm thinking of
in South-Africa: when he with his colleagues wanted to start a
highlighting the racial/economic/legal issues, they could not get it 
printed (economy + censorship), so they bought a printing press and 
moved with it to the country where they grew their own food & wrote & 
published. I'm thinking that something like this might in the long run 
be necessary if we want to escape the dependency & falling back of peer
production to waged labour.



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