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Re: [ox-en] Labor contradictions

Hi Franz:

I do not think that the accumulation of capital in the global scale can
even support a "passive global state".

MB: Franz: not sure if I remember everything right, but what we have today in the context of UN/World Bank etc... is already such a passive global state ... it exists, but doesn't have much power, does not go very deep etc... What he means is I think a strengthening of that.

Thus a regular "abstrract citizenry" is simply not
possible, global proletariat as defined by its role in capitalist
production seems obsolete by the immense pressure on the labor market
surplus population.

MB: I think you are right

Rather than that, I see the emergence of what you call the "partner
as a possible option. Which means that civil society as demonetarized
modes of production is recognized as legitmate mode of existence . In a
way, the legal form could be the official recognition of territorieal
(Life Maintainance Organisations) 

MB: I wonder if you could expand on that here at

is in this setting in which I embed the possibility of global P2P
around intensive hyperlocalisation emerging. That is the political
of the globalvillages idea. Its not two transitions, its one.
cannot create sufficient sustainability or solve the ecological crisis,
nor can it maintain our living standards, its based on the
of costs. 

MB: I agree that it won't be successfull, but it will be tried, and emerging P2P forces are far too weak to successfully induce a full transition at this stage, so  while the elite will attempt such a global green reform, the P2P life practices and social organization will continue to strengthen and the partner state model will emerge already.

The germ form idea means that the dynamic of the old society
begets the emergence of a new "helpful" "mode within", and that is
an option today.

MB: but that is exactly what I mean, that it is already emerging and strengthening today, but then will achieve some kind of parity, and only then achieve dominance as the core logic of society.


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