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Re: [ox-en] Labor contradictions

 Hi Graham:

thanks for your very interesting insights. Concerning your contribution here, I am especially keen that you would elaborate your thoughts on the interconnection between contemporary labor struggles and how they would be different 'in the context of peer production'.

this is very much a weak part of my current understanding, and your assistance in developing insights in this are crucial,

how can peer producers connect with the older social movements, and vice versa?


Graham said:

Another way of seeing this:

Stefan Mz writes very much as though the old style socialist movements
inevitably failed because the only possible outcome of those movements
was 'really existing socialism'. I guess you are likely to agree with
this, and so to think that there is no way an industrial-based
movement in China can do anything but reproduce a failed past. I am not
so pessimistic 

XXX and do not see why such a movement should not be different in the context of peer production. XXX

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