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Re: [ox-en] Labor contradictions

Stefan Meretz wrote:
On 2007-12-01 05:18, Michael Bauwens wrote:
how can peer producers connect with the older social movements, and
vice versa?

I don't see much options. Traditional social movements like unions are 
not only workers movements, but also hard-core working-movements. They 
base on wage labour and can't accept any step away from commercial 
processes, because M-C-M' (making more money from money) pays their 

For instance, some unions (very few) use free software, because its cool 
and sometimes cheaper than using proprietary software. However, they 
are completely against copyleft principles and they always argue for a 
strict copyright, because they strongly support (artificial) scarcity 
as a precondition of selling goods as commodities.

Peer production undermines all this. When you don't have concious 
unionists seeing the whole framework and not only employments (as we 
have it during our 1st oekonux conference, where we get support from a 
local union group infected bei Krisis-thinking), then I see no possible 


Yes, I agree with you. But the same applies to (for example) unions and
the unemployed. Or unions and the social wage. There are plenty of
individual unionists who have a view on the 'whole framework', but
unions as organisations which do are rare. How did the IWW do it?

In general I don't think there is much hope of joining existing old
labour movement organisations and peer-production supporters; I think
your description of dialectical subsumption (or 'sublation' for SMn)
might apply better.



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